Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How have you been?

Good morning lovely people :-)

How have you all been? Such a long time since I have seen many of you.

All's well here.  I am slowly moving towards remission with the help of my dietary changes and naturopath.  Having fun experimenting in the kitchen!

Been busy making over the scrap room into my own little studio.  Oh my gosh, didn't realise how much stuff I had between inside and outside!!!  Now it's all slowly coming together.  Have made my own little 'pantry' of bookshelves to neatly house all of my stuff! I have also managed to be able to have my sewing machine and over locker set up permanently, which is fantastic and I have done some sewing already - been far too long!  So busy moving and organising, I haven't done any scrapping or art journaling...

Excitingly, I will be hosting scrap'n'roast evenings and the occasional workshop.  They will not be on a regular basis and numbers will be limited to a maximum of four (plus me, of course!).  As you can see below, space is limited and you will only be able to bring one trolley/bag with you for the evening.  The only stock available is cardstock and double sided tapes.  I can order things in for you, but I won't be carrying any other stock items.

Still a work in progress, but I will get there!!  What you can't see in the photos is the massive pile of boxes that I have still to go through!!!  Bit at a time....

So, the first scrap'n'roast will be held on the 19th September, starting at 3pm, $20 per person.  Dinner, including dessert, drinks, nibbles plus eight hours of scrapping fun!  Limited to four places.  Email bookings to madebymandy@hotmail.com

Looking forward to catching up with you soon.
Happy scrapping,

Wednesday, April 08, 2015


Hello everyone :-)

How have you all been going?   It's been lovely to catch up with some of you at Spotlight while I was demonstrating for their craftfest month.

All's well here.  Life is, as usual, busy, lol!  

Finally got out to the scraproom with Pam and did some tidying up and we decided that there is still way too much stuff sitting out there.  Sooooo........ this weekend I will be having a sale.

Please share this email with anyone who you think would like to snap up a bargain. 



Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th 
April 2015

10am - 4pm both days

4 Carlisle Street, Ethelton** 

*Resonable offers will be considered
**Just down the driveway and to the left :-)

Hope to see you there.

Happy Scrapping,

Mandy :-)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dream, plan & grow your incredible new year in life + biz with this tool...

Hi lovelies,
Are you like me? I mean, do you believe, deep in your heart, that you can have a soul-full life, a success-full biz, and do a lot of good for the world in the process?
I absolutely believe that. And good news: I found someone who’s showing us exactly how to make it happen. :)
My friend Leonie Dawson has created something that’s changing the lives and businesses of SO many women around the world in a way that’s never been seen before.
If you don’t know Leonie, let me give you a few quick deets about her:
She’s a woman who really walks her talk. She’s managed to create a half million dollar a year company, working a few hours a day, spending loads of time playing with her family + making art + living a really full life. And, like me, she believes in making this world an amazing place by giving generously to causes she believes in.
I really resonate with Leonie, and I think you will too. Plus, she knows her stuff when it comes to business!
Leonie created the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, which gives you over $3800 (!!!!) of business and marketing programs to create a powerful and profitable business, zen-your-mind meditations, creativity, spirituality, home and health e-courses to help you live your best life yet. It is a complete toolkit for transforming whatever part of your biz or life you want to focus on.
I know you’re probably thinking that you don’t have time for more information, but here’s the great thing: you get a full year of membership at the Academy for a really low price, so you can pop in and check out the materials whenever you want to, on your own schedule. So whether you want to spend a couple of hours working on your biz in the middle of the day, or you want to grab just five minutes of time to listen to a meditation while you hold your snoozing babe in your arms, the Academy accommodates your life and schedule.
There’s a ton of info about the Academy and Leonie available at the link above. I hope you’ll check it out. And if you’re in the mood to be totally inspired + motivated, definitely check out the “Success Stories” tab on that page. The things the Academy members are accomplishing! Reading about other peoples’ successes always lights me up. I bet you’ll feel the same way when you read them.
Here’s the link again… stop by and take a look!
P.S. Investing in education and learning from someone who’s done what you want to do is the best way to make your dreams come true. Leonie is one of those women who can really teach you how to make it happen, in a completely heart-centered, open-book, “let’s change the world for real” kind of way.
The 2015 Create Your Shining Year workbook & calendar is an incredibly popular & useful tool to help you plan out & make happen your most incredible year in life or busines (or both!). Over the last six years, thousands of women have used this workbook with the most amazing results. It’s the best planning tool available to help you make your year your most exceptional yet!
Used by entrepreneurs, artists, mamas, creatives, coaches, teachers and women of all ages, the Create Your Shining Year in Life and Biz workbooks are filled with dozens of pages of powerful worksheets & a printable calendar to help you create your amazing new year.
I am planning on having an amazing 2015!!!  Hope you are too!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

One More Sleep!!!

Good morning crafty ones :-)

One more sleep until my Massive Closing Down Sale!!!

Mega bargins!

Everything must go!

30% off Storewide!!

Cash only 

Credit card payment via PayPal on your smartphone.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Happy Scrapping,
Mandy :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Good morning peeps :-)

5 days until the BIG sale!



Payment by Cash

*Credit Card only via PAYPAL on your smartphone.

Hope to see you Sunday.
Happy Scrapping,
Mandy :-)

Sunday, November 02, 2014


Hi Everyone,

How are you all going?  I hope you are still scrapping and art journaling even though workshops have ceased :-)

I am going well, getting help from a new naturopath and have even had some reiki done.  All in all, slowly getting used to my new paleo lifestyle and getting healthier each week.

Excitingly, I have gotten a promotion at work!  In a week I will be moving to north adelaide's goodlife as the new child minding co-ordinator!!!  Pretty exciting stuff :-)

Anyhoo, onto the reason for this email....


16th NOVEMBER 2014

9:30 am - 4 pm




Some examples of savings ...
Cardstock - Was $0.90 NOW $0.63 each
Patterned Papers - Was $1.80 NOW $1.26 each
Paint - Was $2.50 NOW $1.75
Ink Cubes - Was $3.20 NOW $2.24
Paper Racks - $20 each
And much, much more!!

Please come along to stock up!  Pass this post (email/facebook post) along to all your friends who do any paper crafting.  

Looking forward to catching up with you all!

Happy Scrapping,
Mandy :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Workshop Update ...

Hello there ;-)

Are you enjoying this glorious spring weather?  Just beautiful!  My fruit trees are all covered in blossoms, can't wait for the fruit to be ready to pick during summer, yummo!!

Next weekends Scrap'n'Roast, 20th September, won't be going ahead due to lack of bookings.  Oh well, we will all just have to watch the footy instead!

Page Map - Circles   $20
Thursday 25th September 1pm
The last scrapbooking workshop will be Thursday 25th September at 1pm - 3pm.  We have all now got the wonderful circle cutters from Martha Stewart, so I thought it appropriate that we create a layout with an abundance of circles in many sizes!
I found this wonderful page map on Pintrest, it had originally come from Basic Grey via
You will need 4 landscape photos @ 4"x6".
You will also need your basic tool kit, large and small Martha Stewart Circle Cutting system, inks, a large title, a border punch and a journaling pen.
We will spend a little time practising using the circle cutters as I know some of you haven't used them before.


Thursday 25th September
1pm - 5pm
Everything 35% off!!!
All stock including paper racks for $10 each!!!! 
Pass the news along :-)
Happy Scrapping,
Mandy :-)