Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How have you been?

Good morning lovely people :-)

How have you all been? Such a long time since I have seen many of you.

All's well here.  I am slowly moving towards remission with the help of my dietary changes and naturopath.  Having fun experimenting in the kitchen!

Been busy making over the scrap room into my own little studio.  Oh my gosh, didn't realise how much stuff I had between inside and outside!!!  Now it's all slowly coming together.  Have made my own little 'pantry' of bookshelves to neatly house all of my stuff! I have also managed to be able to have my sewing machine and over locker set up permanently, which is fantastic and I have done some sewing already - been far too long!  So busy moving and organising, I haven't done any scrapping or art journaling...

Excitingly, I will be hosting scrap'n'roast evenings and the occasional workshop.  They will not be on a regular basis and numbers will be limited to a maximum of four (plus me, of course!).  As you can see below, space is limited and you will only be able to bring one trolley/bag with you for the evening.  The only stock available is cardstock and double sided tapes.  I can order things in for you, but I won't be carrying any other stock items.

Still a work in progress, but I will get there!!  What you can't see in the photos is the massive pile of boxes that I have still to go through!!!  Bit at a time....

So, the first scrap'n'roast will be held on the 19th September, starting at 3pm, $20 per person.  Dinner, including dessert, drinks, nibbles plus eight hours of scrapping fun!  Limited to four places.  Email bookings to madebymandy@hotmail.com

Looking forward to catching up with you soon.
Happy scrapping,

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